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My name is Kenneth Lee, better known as Ken. I am currently a teacher in Thailand after having served as a lecturer in two higher learning institutions in Malaysia for the past six years. You could find out more about my professional profile on LinkedIn.

I’m an Aquarius who loves freedom and is passionate about the things I do. By passionate I don’t mean the 80% but 100% kind of passionate. I love travelling and have travelled quite a lot in the last couple of years, hence the focus on travel in this blog.

Let me take you through the long journey and history of MrDefinite, which you may or may not be interested in:

The history of MrDefinite is dated back to 28 January 2012  – more than a decade ago when the concept of “blog” was still in its infancy. The earliest version of MrDefinite – then known as “FunkyCrib” – took place in the form of Web 1.0 and was hosted on a free server. On 31 December 2004, FunkyCrib was upgraded to Web 2.0 and managed via Blogspot, however with the URL pointed to onyx.cdc.net.my.

On 27 October 2005, FunkyCrib was dropped and replaced by withkenneth.com. However on 15 May 2006, mrdefinite.com was launched and and subsequently replaced withkenneth.com, which was discontinued in 2007.

In Jan 2009, mrdefinite.com repositioned itself as a new blog that put together both make money online and personal pieces. It provided money-related topics on the left, main column of the blog and personal entries under the categorical name of “MrDefinite Personal” on the right.

On 26 May 2009, mrdefinite.com went mobile. Readers surfing via mobile devices were since able to read the site in a simple mini layout. A year later on 19 May 2010, MrDefinite Live Picture was introduced. The feature allowed pictures to be published live to the website using a mobile device.

Two years later, MrDefinite Personal and MrDefinite Live Picture would see a separation from mrdefinite.com to be run under the sub-domain of im.mrdefinite.com.

On 8 November 2013, im.mrdefinite.com was relaunched as mrdefinite.net, which is the site you are now right reading. This site serves as a platform to record my travel logs and opinion pieces. In July 2014, mrdefinite.com found its new owner and currently it is being managed by another individual not associated with myself.

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Written on May 15, 2006
Modified July 20, 2015

I’m KEN, a passionate traveller from the exotic island of Borneo. Currently a teacher in a rural town in Southern Thailand, from time to time I share on this blog my experiences teaching the kids and living a laid-back lifestyle here. With a focus on all things Thailand, mrdefinite.net also features a handful of stories about my travel adventures in other Asian countries.