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Free 4G Data Roaming in Thailand Using Malaysian SIM Card

U Mobile postpaid users are now entitled to free 4G data roaming in Thailand and eleven other countries. Malaysian SIM card.

As of May this year, Malaysia remained the second-largest source country for tourists to Thailand after China, despite the weakening of the Ringgit.

While one can easily register for a tourist SIM and have access to cheap mobile data in Thailand due to the stiff competition in the local telecommunication industry, who would want to spend extra when mobile data can be gotten for free?

Free 4G Data Roaming in Thailand Using Malaysian SIM Card

Well, before I go on, I just wanted to clarify that this is not an advertorial for any telco whatsoever and I’m writing this based on my experience as a frequent traveller to Thailand.

Like some of you probably have already known, I was in Thailand for two years before relocating back to Malaysia earlier this year. However, I’m still a frequent traveller to Thailand due to my fiancée being a Thai.

For the past two years in Thailand, I have been faithfully subscribing to TrueMove H’s mobile data packages as they are probably the cheapest in Thailand. At one point, its unlimited, 512 Kbps mobile Internet package cost just 9 Baht daily!

After relocating back to Malaysia in April, I didn’t intend to install home broadband and decided that I could survive using 4G hotspot as a replacement for cable broadband. After studying the various telco plans, I signed up U Mobile’s Hero Postpaid P70 plan, which generously offers up to 15GB of Internet and 7GB of videos, on top of unlimited calls to all networks.

Like a typical Malaysian experience, it was the worst decision ever.

The mobile data was unreasonably slow on 3G and hardly ever moved at night especially after everyone started going back from work. It was only until I had changed my phone to a 4G one that the U Mobile data speed began seeing some improvement.

So the other day I went to the U Mobile Service Centre and was told that U Mobile now offers free data for roaming in 12 countries, which they call it Roam-Onz. I think it used to be RM10 per day upon usage. Also, for U Mobile packages that do not include Roam-Onz, users will be charged RM10/day for roaming in the said 12 countries and RM36/day outside the 12 countries.

Being half-skeptical, I asked to activate my Internet Roaming and thought to give it a shot the next time I visited Thailand.

And, true enough, I arrived at Thailand yesterday just to be greeted with an SMS from U Mobile confirming that I could enjoy free data roaming in the True/TH3G+/True-H 3G+ network for my principle line with Roam-Onz. The free 4G data roaming is capped at 5GB per month (certain packages have Roam-Onz quota up to 8GB/month), after which a reasonable charge of RM10 per day will be imposed.

Here is a screenshot capturing the amount of roaming data I’ve used with my Malaysian SIM:

Free 4G Data Roaming in Thailand Using Malaysian SIM Card

At the time of writing this entry, a check on the Internet reveals that Digi’s Roam Like Home is offering a similar service.

From “Teacher Ken” Back To “Sir Ken”: Months of Whirlwind, Engagement, No Break

It feels like just yesterday when I posted the following status on Facebook, after having carefully made an abrupt yet timely decision to relocate back to Malaysia:

And this was despite the fact that my school director in Thailand was willing to sign me for two more years and I was enjoying my life in Thailand to death.

I said my decision was a timely one because right after my announcement on Facebook, a former boss from the previous university college I was lecturing and another friend, who is the Head of Programme of another institute, respectively approached me for an academic position, which I couldn’t have been more thankful for.

However, I can’t have everything all at once. I had to ultimately choose one of the offers, just like I had to choose between living a comfortable and carefree life in Thailand and giving up my life there for a better career prospect and for the sake of my future with my Thai fiancé.

Read: She’s Thai; I’m Malaysian. I Don’t Know What Future Holds for Us, but I Try to Live in the Moment, Every Moment.

Back in February, while I was in the midst of preparing final exam questions, compiling student marks, and wrapping up my teaching at the busiest time ever —  it was towards the end of the school term, I remember having to make time to go to the Chumphon Immigration for an application of the re-entry permit before travelling to Penang for an interview.

After knowing for sure that my then girlfriend (now fiancé) and I were going to be separated and forced into a long-distance relationship until we get married next year, it was not without days of emotional struggle and grief. Being blessed with a rather matured mindset however, my fiancé was able to quickly recover from the moments of negativity.

“Go,” She said to me, “I want you to go — not because I don’t love you or appreciate this relationship, but because I know you’re doing this for your future, for our future.”

“This won’t be forever,” she added, referring to the long-distance relationship that we were about to commit to. That gave me a sense of much-needed assurance.

So it was around the same time when I made another big decision of my life — to get engaged with her. Earlier on, I had informed my parents about my decision, which they had given their blessing.

My contract with my school in Thailand ended on March 15, and my new employment in Malaysia would commence in April, so that left me with little time to pack, settle things, and relocate back to Malaysia.

There was no break, there was little rest. On top of all these hurdles, it was basically me and the clock — I was competing with time to complete my lecture slides and compile teaching materials for a total of four subjects I was going to handle.

And the best part was that moving back from Thailand to Malaysia, I had to make sure I could find a unit to stay within a short period before the new semester at my current college started. I’m thankful I was able to view a unit within the very hour I had arrived in Penang, which I immediately moved in.

Fast forward to today — it’s been four months. Four damn months of whirlwind, little rest, and drastic change in my life.

Two years ago this time, I went from being a Malaysian lecturer to a school teacher in Thailand. Two years later, within four months I’ve quickly adjusted my role yet again, is time from being “Teacher Ken” back to “Sir Ken”.