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Of Penang, Work, and Wedding: A Chapter to Be Concluded?

It’s been a year and a half since I relocated back from Chumphon, Thailand to Penang. It may not seem like a long time to some of you, but many things have happened since and it feels as if time has kind of short-changed me.

On a personal level, I can’t say if I’ve been my happiest or physically healthiest these one year and a half, but one thing for sure – I’ve done the necessary. I’ve achieved what I both wanted and needed to do – to land a full-time job (I took the risk to relocate back and accept a part-time lecturing job against the wish of my Thai employer, who had wanted to sign a two-year contract with me), to save some money, and to get married.

Registering Marriage with My Thai Fiancée in Bangkok, Thailand
Tying the knot in 2018.

Sans my PhD, of course. But you can’t have everything at the same time; you’ve got to sacrifice something. Between getting a wife and registering  for my PhD, it has to be the former first. Ha ha!

Professionally, it’s been one hell of a ride. In a way I feel I’ve been positively occupied – there isn’t a day in my work life when I can sit back and relax. There are always matters to be settled.

It’s not necessary a bad thing, but at the same time I also feel I’ve invested too much energy into a system that is driven a little too much by commercialisation; a system that is led by some individuals who are not very sincere about driving changes. And yet we’re poised to be the pioneer in reinventing education, they say.

It gets mentally draining after a while to have to be questioning the flawed system when everyone else closes one eye about it. It gets tired to have to be fighting meaningless, redundant processes, among many other things.

But hey, it’s a good training ground. I’ve learnt how to deal with a totally different segment of the college students. I’ve learnt to be even more dynamic with a dozen of things coming at me all at once. I’ve come realise that in an academic setting like mine, being too academic doesn’t work.

All these problems that are thrown at me everyday only make me better at what I do. They give me a better sense and direction of what I need to do – even if it’s in the long run – to be a good lecturer for my students, a good teacher for my future kids.

Come end of the year, this chapter of my life will be concluded, and another will begin. I can’t wait for year 2019 to befall, and wish everyone the best of luck. :)

Registering Marriage with My Thai Fiancée in Bangkok, Thailand

She’s Thai, I’m Malaysian. So we met, we fell in love, and we were engaged.

My Thai wedding ceremony.

Last month, our wedding ceremony was finally realised. But that did not mark the end of our wedding, until the legal aspect of it was completed.

I’m sure there are many people like me – a Malaysian with a Thai better half figuring out how to go about marriage registration. The whole process can be a challenge; it is a stark difference and a lot more work compared to a couple of the same nationality registering marriage in their own country.

The last time I searched, information pertaining to this was a little scarce.  So in this post, I will share my experience as a Malaysian registering my marriage in the land of smiles, and I reckon this will benefit some people out there who may chance upon my blog later on.

I was told that the process of registering marriage to a foreign citizen would be speedier if done in Malaysia. However, I had opted to register my marriage in Thailand as my partner and I were already in Thailand for our Thai wedding ceremony and it would be crazy for us to have to travel back to Malaysia (Putrajaya) for marriage registration. You may choose to register your marriage in whichever country that is most convenient for you.

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