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Shortly after I came back from my trip, about 80% of the photos I took in Cambodia were accidentally deleted. Find out what happened next.

Amazing Cambodia: Crispy Fried Insects as Snacks

I was supposed to write this entry three months back but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to so until now, and there is a total of 160 photos to upload. So heavy!

Several months back, AirAsia was having a Free Seats promotion and I managed to grab my hometown friend Rainbow and I each a return ticket for an all-in-fare of just RM25. This explains how our Cambodia trip came about.

On an unrelated note, I have recently just bought Cat and I a round-trip ticket to Bangkok for next year and it cost like RM120 per pax. A bit more expensive but oh well I guess it is still a good deal.

Anyway let’s focus on Rainbow’s and my Cambodia trip.

This was how Cambodia looked like from a microscopic view inside our plane:

I thought it was beautiful and looked so different from what we have in Malaysia. The moment I set foot in Cambodia, I immediately liked it already.

Maybe I’m siao lah, many people I know who have been to Cambodia never expressed any strong liking towards this relatively less developed country, but I just wish to be able to stay there for, say, two years?

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