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I had to put up with a 13-hour bumpy train ride on KTM’s Senandung Langkawi from Malaysia to Thailand. It was almost impossible to sleep.

10 Things to Do in Songkhla

Songkhla Things to Do

I have been to Hatyai four times now but never once had I ever bothered taking a trip to its neighboring city of Songkhla. Yet, the irony is that Songkhla is the provincial capital and not Hatyai itself – and this is despite the latter having twice the population of Songkhla.

This time my Thai friends brought me to visit Songkhla for the first time and it turned out to be such a heaven, with a LOT lesser tourists than in Hatyai. Most importantly, it has more places of interest than I knew!

I ended up stopping by this relatively laid-back town again a few days later and staying there for three nights – bunking in a room for just 250 Thai baht per night with a Korean, Dae Hee, before travelling to Phatthalung.

If you are not a fan of touristy places like me, then this is a place you may want to check out. Below I list down the 10 things to do when in Songkhla:

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Hatyai Backpackers Hostel: Excellent Pre-stay Service

When booking a room at a hotel or guesthouse, five-star or not, I think the very least that guests ask for is a sense of assurance from the management. We don’t want to arrive at the hotel just to be told they have oversold their rooms.

Every time I book a room online, I have almost always emailed them in advance to confirm my booking, which is also the case with Hatyai Backpackers Hostel recently.

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Photo credit to Hatyai Backpackers Hostel.

As I will be travelling to Hatyai during one of the peak periods this year, I had to book my accommodation in advance in order to secure a place at a reasonable rate. This time I chose to stay in a 8-bed mixed dorm.

After booking (Hatyai Backpackers Hostel offers online payment via paypal), I called them to check if they had received my payment. A voice on the other end of the line politely told me his boss was in a meeting and was not able to check for me at that moment.

However he told me in a friendly, reassuring tone not to worry as the boss would get back to me soonest. After the call I also shot Hatyai Backpackers Hostel a message on Facebook so that they would not forgot to attend to me.

Later the same evening I got a reply, which read, “Its done. Dont worry be happy”. I think what they did was more than just a confirmation of my booking; it was also reassurance and hospitality. This reminded me the Thais’ “sabai sabai” (easy/relaxed) culture, which I really dig.


Hatyai Backpackers Hostel also took the initiative to send me a proper email to confirm my booking. Kudos for the great pre-stay impression!

P/S: This post is NOT an advertorial.