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I had to put up with a 13-hour bumpy train ride on KTM’s Senandung Langkawi from Malaysia to Thailand. It was almost impossible to sleep.

Getting Braces in Thailand: My Unanticipated Orthodontic Journey

Getting Braces in Thailand: My Unanticipated Orthodontic Journey (1)

This entry isn’t an advertorial. I’m writing this just to share with you my journey to getting braces in Thailand.

Growing up, I had always had crooked teeth. I also had a lot of cavities, and that explains the many fillings on my teeth.

The old black fillings which I got when I was younger were still visible on some of my teeth. But nowadays there are the tooth-coloured composite fillings, so I guess that should do dental aesthetics some justice.

Anyway, for over 30 years I had to put up with bad teeth, with no intention whatsoever to get them straightened, simply because it would cost a bomb in Malaysia. My sister got hers done for just RM1,000 or so at the government dental clinic, but that was only because she was under 17.

I attempted to get my teeth aligned by an unlicensed street dentist when I traveled to Hatyai some 7 years ago. But having no knowledge of orthodontic treatment back then, I naively thought that getting a freaking retainer would do the job!

So truth be told – I only wore it for a couple of nights before chucking it at a corner and leaving it to rot. HAHA!

So fast forward to my stint as a teacher in Thailand. My then girlfriend (now fiancée) has had her braces on for quite sometime. Initially I was hesitating whether or not to get braces in Thailand – at least at the same dental clinic as hers since she said her orthodontist was good and the price reasonable. However, I eventually decided not to do it as I wasn’t sure if I would stay in Thailand long enough to receive the long-term treatment.

Getting Braces in Thailand: My Unanticipated Orthodontic Journey (1)

Those two years in Thailand were when my oral health received the least of care as I indulged myself in all sorts of good food and snacks. So naturally tooth decays and cavities began to happen and I ended up having to visit the government dental clinic for a few times to address the problem.

One of the dentists who treated me expressed shock upon seeing the condition of my teeth. She asked if I had ever experienced a fall before, which affected the structure of my upper teeth because my upper teeth looked as if they were about to collapse! And yes, “collapse” was the word she used.

After being told of the serious condition of my teeth and also advised to get orthodontic treatment as soon as possible, I decided not to take risk with my teeth and proceeded to make an appointment with my other half’s orthodontist.

Getting Braces in Thailand: My Unanticipated Orthodontic Journey (1)

Speaking of dental braces in Thailand, they are EXTREMELY popular. Walking down any street in Thailand, you would easily bump into people – teenagers especially – with braces. Because of that, orthodontic services are competitive in Thailand and most orthodontists are also very skilled.

But of course, many of the braces people are wearing are also fake ones, and people wear them as a fashion accessory. It can be dangerous and deadly, but I’m not going to go into that.

My orthodontic treatment costs a very reasonable 35,000 Thai baht (about RM4,300) for three years. In Malaysia it would cost around RM5,000-6,000. At the clinic I go, customers could either opt for the lump-sum payment or monthly installments at a reasonable cost of 1,000 baht with each visit. I chose the latter, and didn’t need to pay any deposit, unlike at some dental clinics.

Like I’ve said earlier, my teeth were in a horrible condition, and that needed to be rectified before I could proceed with the orthodontic treatment. I spent quite a bit getting not one, not two, but about ten teeth (re-)filled and another extracted! But the total amount spent was still way cheaper than if I did in Malaysia.

My orthodontist had to make sure that all my teeth were in a good condition before she could put braces on them.

Below I will take you through the journey of my orthodontic treatment.

The following picture was taken in May 2016 in Bangkok, a few months before I got my braces:

Getting Braces in Thailand: My Unanticipated Orthodontic Journey (1)

From the front, the condition of my crooked teeth may not look too serious, until…

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Official: Songkran 2018 Extended to 5 Days Long in Thailand

Songkran 2018

The Cabinet of Thailand has added an extra day off to the Songkran 2018 holiday, thus extending it to 5 days long!

The Thai New Year break was initially supposed to be from 13 to 16 April. However, since an extra day off on 12 April has been announced to allow for more time for the Thais to travel back home, this has extended the holiday to a total of 5 days.

Songkran 2018
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For tips on Songkran, read 5 Tips for Tourists Going to Thailand for Songkran. Although the entry was from last year, I believe the tips are still relevant.

If you intend to take a train to Hatyai or Bangkok to celebrate Songkran 2018, read Train 46 Padang Besar to Bangkok and No More Butterworth-Bangkok International Express 36; Now Padang Besar-Bangkok Train 46.

Songkran 2018
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Remember that the Songkran 2018 holiday in Thailand now officially falls on 12 to 16 April.