My Painting “The Glory”: Original vs. Repainted

You want to know the crazy thing I did to one of my paintings?

On April 20, I painted a painting which I titled “The Glory”. After several rounds of resolving it, I decided to have it framed, together with two other paintings,”Tibet” and “The Goddess”.

“The Glory” is a 18″ x 24″ mixed-media painting on canvas.

The Glory mixed media painting on canvas

After framing, “The Glory” stands 22.8″ wide and 28.7″ tall. The frame brings a modern and elegant vibe to the painting.

The Glory mixed media painting on canvas

Days after hanging it on the wall of the living room, I realised that I didn’t really like it. Sometimes I found it a dread to even look at it, like, “What is this mediocre painting doing here in the living room?”

So yesterday, I took up the courage to take down the painting, where the framing cost me RM140. I gave it some major “transformation”.

And ladies and gents – here is the final outcome:

The Glory mixed media painting on canvas

“The Glory” repainted.

Other thoughts on “My Painting “The Glory”: Original vs. Repainted”

  1. I was thinking that the paint above was really your final painting and I frowned you called it “The Glory.” I wondered where is the glory of it? Anyway, as I continued reading, I found out that you repainted “The Glory” and it really looks good representing what its title meant. Good job painter!

  2. When I was looking at the first picture, I was thinking why did you named it “The Glory”. I was turning my head and thinking how and why and where is The Glory where, then eventually I scrolled down and I realized you repainted it and the finished product was at the end. You really did a great job and also glad you changed it.