Registering Marriage with My Thai Fiancée in Bangkok, Thailand

She’s Thai, I’m Malaysian. So we met, we fell in love, and we were engaged.

My Thai wedding ceremony.

Last month, our wedding ceremony was finally realised. But that did not mark the end of our wedding, until the legal aspect of it was completed.

I’m sure there are many people like me – a Malaysian with a Thai better half figuring out how to go about marriage registration. The whole process can be a challenge; it is a stark difference and a lot more work compared to a couple of the same nationality registering marriage in their own country.

The last time I searched, information pertaining to this was a little scarce.  So in this post, I will share my experience as a Malaysian registering my marriage in the land of smiles, and I reckon this will benefit some people out there who may chance upon my blog later on.

I was told that the process of registering marriage to a foreign citizen would be speedier if done in Malaysia. However, I had opted to register my marriage in Thailand as my partner and I were already in Thailand for our Thai wedding ceremony and it would be crazy for us to have to travel back to Malaysia (Putrajaya) for marriage registration. You may choose to register your marriage in whichever country that is most convenient for you.

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The Sometimes Thorny, Sometimes Rosy Journey to Our International Marriage

The Sometimes Thorny, Sometimes Rosy Journey to Our International Marriage

She’s Thai, and I’m Malaysian. In less than two months’ time, it will be our 3rd anniversary of being together. Mostly importantly, we will be tying the knot.

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This is something I feel we’ve been prepping forever. From buying the ring to getting engaged, to selecting the wedding dates and to making our pre-wedding photoshoot happen, so much effort has gone into every little aspect and detail of our wedding leading up to its actual days. In fact, everything is happening so fast it feels so surreal.

She's Thai, I'm Malaysian: The Sometimes Thorny, Sometimes Rosy Journey to Our Wedding

The whole process involves a lot more steps and procedures given this is an international marriage. Not that we’re perfectionists in any way. We are not, and we know that unless you’re rich enough to make money work for you, there is no such thing as being perfect when it comes to a wedding that involves two cultures and nationalities.

This whole international relationship thing that often looks sweet on the surface and is constantly glamorised, is more than what it seems.

For me, the whole process hasn’t always been rosy and straightforward. There is so much that I’ve encountered and learned in the process, something which I believe will continue on even after our marriage.

Among the less pleasant encounters in my journey to getting married, for one, it is inevitable to have some conservative relatives or friends who would be shocked to find out that my fiancé and I are going to have our wedding ceremonies done on two separate dates, the first and the grandest of which is going to be done in Thailand against the norm of the patriarchal Malaysian Chinese society.

“But I thought being a Chinese and a guy, you should be doing it here [in Kuching] first,” one individual said to me, referring to my hometown in Sarawak.

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