Resigned. Braving New Challenges and Adventures Ahead

Like I’ve mentioned in the previous post, this year is a year of changes and challenges for me as an individual.

Two Fridays ago, my prediction rang true when news about me resigning broke, and my colleagues (subordinates) who were caught off guard by the news came asking about it. The rather worried and demotivated look on their faces was why I had not planned on telling them earlier before things could be finalised, including management decision on who to take over.

The news escalated a little quicker than I thought. But either way it was about time they know it anyway. It wouldn’t be fair too if they’re only told about it at last minute.

I tendered my resignation letter some four months prior to the date of my departure. It was more than the three-month notice period as stipulated in my contract.

letter of resignation

It was, of course, not a rushed decision. I have thought through it very carefully for the past three years. It feels sad to have to resign from a company I’ve been happily serving for the past four years. But it’s time to pursue another opportunity.

So what will I be doing next?

There are several personal objectives I have set forth for myself and wish to fulfil, but let’s just say that I’ll be – hopefully – realising each of these as I travel into a few countries in months to come.

I don’t know for how long though. Maybe longer than one can imagine.


Being able to steadily steer towards this direction, I only have my parents to thank. They have been supportive, especially my mom. She is someone who would unreservedly give her blessing as long as what we do is morally right.

My father was rather sceptical when I first told him about this plan three years back. But being very firm and clear about my decision, my conversation with him would consistently hover around this very plan. On top of that he has also seen me prepare for this long travel all along, so I think he eventually gave in.

Why does my parents’ blessing matter to me? Like it or not, we are living in a very Asian society where people judge and get judged all the time. I don’t like to be judged or imposed values upon, especially when doing things which I believe are meaningful and do not cause harm to people around me.

I may not need approval from friends to chase my dream, but I certainly want my own parents to believe in what I do, to feel a sense of reassurance about my decision, and to be able to connect to and support my undertaking.

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