Stop Kissing Michael Jackson’s Ass

I woke up to a flash flood of Michael Jackson-related news on Facebook this morning. Like out of a sudden people have decided to miss MJ on his memorial day and want tweet or comment about him.


People nowadays are being super ridiculously extra and they seem to enjoy jumping on the bandwagon of just about everything! Now look at the sales of MJ’s album following his death:


Before Michael’s death people were calling him all sorts of nasty names: Wacko Jacko, creep, pedophile, child molester, etc etc. And then suddenly people now have a change of mind and want to call him the “irreplaceable King of Pop” instead.

Eh, how come? How come everyone has become as hypocritical as Toyo liao?

Most of my friends expressed on Facebook how they were sad over MJ’s dealth. Fine, even though I think they’re all kind of drama kings and queens.


Hello, are you kidding me?

You were not even a fan before his death, and now you’re “totally devastated” by his death?

Hen hao xiao!

Do you feel devastated just because millions of others are either mourning over or pretending to mourn over MJ’s death, and therefore you feel it is a shame to fall into the “silent minority”?

That’s the problem with the majority of us, especially Malaysians and Singaporeans, who are plagued by a sense of kiasuness. What is so shameful about having opinions different from others anyway, if it doesn’t hurt or kill someone?

I don’t know if I should be amused by unoriginal people like this or what leh. Seriously, just do whatever you want but most importantly be true to yourself!

Other thoughts on “Stop Kissing Michael Jackson’s Ass”

  1. I was actually tthinking the same thing today. While the world grieved and said how much they loved him, I didn’t say anything because I was one of the many who made fun of him … or thought him simplyweird. It would be totally hypocritical of me to suddenly say I miss him.

    What I can say is that it’s really too bad he died so young, and he was very talented and all…

  2. Yea, I agree. I too made fun of him before. I do like some of his music, but to treat him like a god is unbearable. Not to mention Spending cash that L.A. can’t handle right now (approx 4 million USD out of Taxpayers pockets for security from LAPD). The LA Coliseum was supposed to be the site for the memorial, but the Jackson’s didn’t want that. AEG made so much money yesterday it would make your head spin, and they can’t cough up 4 mill for LAPD. Instead, the LAPD has begged people for donation to help offset the cost of the security… It’s sad…

  3. kenneth, i strongly agree with you… I am very sien watching, reading, hearing all about him wherever i go. Hate! Stop it! Is enough !!

  4. Doc, thanks for the link. It’s eye-opening. it is indeed very sad that a big entertainment company like AEG wouldn’t help cover the cost for security despite having made so much money and generated publicity for themselves.

    Teh Kuching, maybe you have started to develop some MJ phobia. :D

  5. Geez. I think the same thing =)

    He’d been called Wack Jacko but now had been missed all over the world. Btw, he produced nice songs. No wonder why.

    God’s purpose, i guess.

  6. I have never called him names and I understand what you mean. The worst thing about it all is that the scoundrels are making money out of his death. I think Michael Jackson was killed on purpose because he was worth more as a dead man :( Miss him!!!

  7. Yes, I agree. There are millions of hypocrites out there who once used to criticize, laugh, and judge a person they don’t really know personally. I can say that I am really devastated with what happened because I have always admired Michael Jackson and I never judged this person. All I know is that this man is very innocent and at the same time wonderful. He just wanted to live but people envied him because of his talent and charisma.