We Had a Little Argument, Until Her Dad Stepped in to Say This

I’m in a very inspired mood to write today.

So it all started from yesterday when my better half and I were having a little argument about our future plans, such as our post-marriage life and where we should be based.

Maybe it’s a little too early to tell, but I’m someone who feels more at peace when I can first assess the possible options that I have so that I get an idea on which better direction to work towards as I mentally prepare myself for it. If that fails, at least I know what my Plan B is.

There are always the pros and cons to everything, so are the two possible options that I have in regards to my better half’s and my future. Basically, I’m now caught in a ‘money versus quality of life’ kind of a situation.

I know money isn’t everything – at least that was what I had been preaching all along prior to finding my better half. But now that the situation has changed. I’m no longer single. I have to come to terms with the fact that everything can be about money in today’s world. I also have to accept that I will have to ditch the vagabond lifestyle I aspire so very much as I no longer live the single life. How can I expect my better half,  who comes from a traditional Thai family and has a traditional mindset and also a duty to her family, to live my kind of life?

Eventually, we will have to get married and settle down.

Yes. To freaking get married and settle down! Such big words. I swear those are words that were never in my dictionary before. Yet, it now is my duty to adjust myself to that pace and direction.

While I really love and enjoy my life here in Thailand, that unfortunately wouldn’t go too well with our plan to get married in a year or two’s time. But if I chose to proceed elsewhere for better money so that our plan can be materialised sooner, I probably wouldn’t be as spiritually happy as I now am in this land of smiles.


So then yesterday, after overhearing the heated conversation she had with me over the phone, Pho (my better half’s daddy – and that’s how I call him anyway) called her to ask what had cropped up between us two. She explained everything to him.

She called me back half an hour later – her voice was surprisingly calm this time – to relay what Pho had to advise. Pho basically wanted us to keep things easy and not rush them; he wanted us to be happy and just do whatever we need to do at the present moment.

Though short, that was exactly what I wanted to hear. His advice was so reassuring and really, really positive to hear. At that instant, I felt like it wasn’t just us who are facing some challenges and trying to think of a good solution. Her family has been very supportive too and it feels very warm to realise that.

Today, my own mom too threw in her moral support, which I’m very grateful.

This incident makes me realise that at times, having good emotional support is as equally important as arriving at a solution to our problem.

It may not be easy to plan our life especially when we are no longer single and have a significant other. But whatever that happens, shall serve as a beautiful experience in our life.