2.5 Years Later: How Have I Progressed?

Time passes slowly for those who wait. For me it doesn’t.

This month marks my one year of service at the Linton University College. And also my 2.5 years in the higher education industry.

A year ago I took the courage to quit my job at the prestigious Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman.

It was difficult having to bid adieu to a zone of comfort where fellow colleagues and students and I had developed very cordial relations, where I was given a big, cozy office room with an amazing lake scenery outside the windows, where flexible working hours that most people would kill to have – were observed.

But I knew I had to move on from my comfort zone. Which I did, and it was probably the greatest decision made in my entire life.

After serving in another institute for another year, as I reflect upon it today, there are actually few things I have picked up that I am thankful for. Among them here are five random ones:

1. I have had one of the biggest experience gains in the ISO 9002 quality management system and maybe soon mrdefinite.net will become the first blog ever on earth to be ISO-certified. JK.

2. I have come to identify and worked with the two general types of people in the world – the talkers and the doers. Talkers hardly do and doers hardly talk.

3. My right brain has gotten fitter each day and I have developed in myself a greater sense of creativity.

4. mrdefinite.com has hit a milestone in October this year but I am not allowed to disclose any details here. When the time is ripe I will.

5. My dream of owning my first home came true some three months after telling my parents about such an intent in February. Maybe the power of attraction works.

Alright, that’s all for the time being!

More personal entries coming in my favourite month of December! In fact on 31 December, this blog will officially turn 9 years old.