Aug 2014: Top 10 Songs I’m Looping like Crazy

I’m the type who would keep any song on a loop like my life depends on it if I really like the song. Since I have been out of touch with my blog for a while, maybe writing an entry to introduce the songs I have been playing like crazy lately would make up for my absence.

You’re going to see that some of them are old songs (some of which I used to dig), but I don’t care. Good songs just don’t retire! And now I’ve come to a point where I’m slowly distancing myself from US music. I just feel that most US “hits” today are pretty much same-old same-old with too much dumb, repetitive lyrics. There is a lack of creativity and “freshness”.

You’re going to see quite a number of Thai songs in the list and you may wonder why. Well I have been learning Thai for the past two months and found myself watching a lot of Thai films and a couple of their lakorn‘s (dramas). And some of the Thai songs I listen to are actually OST’s from the films and lakorn‘s I’ve watched.

Below are the top 10 songs I’ve been playing like mad in the past few weeks, in no particular order:

1. Kid Rock – Picture ft. Sheryl Crow

2. 杨坤 – 你走后 (Yang Kun – After You’re Gone)

3. 25 hours – ฟิน

Unfortunately I don’t know what the title means but I heard hua jai (translated as “heart”) a few times in the lyrics so I assume it’s a love song.

4. 许嵩 – 弹指一挥间 (Xu Song – Blink of an Eye)

5. Wali Band – Doaku Untukmu Sayang (My Prayer for You, Sayang)

6. Bea Miller – Young Blood

7. 楊永聰 – 忘了我是誰 (James – Forgetting Who I Am)

8. 李榮浩 – 太坦白 (Li Rong Hao – Honesty)

9. 汪峰 – 北京北京 (Wang Feng – Beijing)

James also has a studio cover of this song and it’s equally good with his own unique style. Listen to James’ cover of Wang Feng’s “Beijing”.

10. Bedroom Audio – ไม่บอกเธอ (Don’t Tell Her)

This is one of the songs from the lakorn “Hormones the Series Season 1” and believe it or not I’ve been listening to this song for close to a year now and have not grown tired of it! Apparently the band had put the right ingredients into this song.

I’ll update my playlist for September 2014 towards the end of this month.