British Colonial Style for Home Decor: Budget Shopping

Hi people.

Allow me to dedicate this entry and the next few ones to my very first attempt at British colonial-styled home decor. These entries will showcase my progress as I work towards turning my apartment unit into a dream home – one that has a classy, vintage feel to it.

Colour has to be a combination of white, light brown, dark brown, and black.

I know the photo quality in this entry is horrible as I didn’t have my Panasonic Lumix with me when I took them. No more handphone-quality photos in the next posts I swear.

Anyway in this first post, I’m gonna blog about how much I spent on certain home decor items over the weekend.

The best buy went to…


It’s not just a photo frame, but a wooden key box! And I bought it not only because it’s white and fits my British colonial theme, but guess how much it cost?

Original price was RM25, and they sold it MUCH cheaper with the clock already gone missing, at only…



Is that not cheap?

The next item is a metal clothes hanger (the type that allows you to hook over the door top) at 50% off because of Hari Raya sales. I bought it at OU Mall at Puduraya together with the key box, among other things.


It cost only RM3.50.

Don’t know how to call the following item, but the piece of metal is supposed to give your lock extra “protection”.


Well I know it’s not supposed to be here in the list but since I bought it together on the same day I may as well include it.

RM18 for a “lock armor”.

A wooden dish mat, for only…


RM1.90. Cheap, protects against heat on your table, and also vintage (and therefore classy to me).

Galvanised plant pot (I bought two) from Ikea. Fits amazingly well with Hessian.


A rattan basket I bought from Daiso for RM5 (most Daiso items are sold at RM5 per piece). I have no idea what to do with the basket yet but I figure I could put some fruits inside.


Rusch clock from Ikea.


For only RM3.30. I bought it not only because it’s freaking cheap, but because it’s white, minimalistic, and fits my theme damn well.

In the photo below, I bought the tea mat at 100 Yen shop for RM5 and the block candle at OU Mall for only RM2. Hardly believable right?


I’m not a fan of block candles but it’s cheap so whatever. Using it to attack thieves is also a very reasonable side-use.

A mini bamboo blind I bought from 100 Yen shop at RM5.90.


It’s rather “Japanese” and thus I have now used it for another project, which I will blog about much later.

Three different variations of the jute strings and also a cotton string ball for my quart jars project. Bought them in various places including some old shops at Petaling Street and Daiso.


About RM20 in total for the string.

And last but definitely not least – a mini platform for plant. Put a plant on top and it has the tendency of making your home feel serene and close to nature.


Alright, more about my other projects in the next posts. Take care and remember to live life to the fullest.