British Colonial Style for Home Decor: DIY Wall Art

Moving into a new house certainly makes one creative!

Earlier this year I when I first moved here I was so excited about this new place that I spent a good amount of time exploring this area. My exploration had me ended up collecting some dried tree branches thinking they could be put to good use. I could maybe recycle them into something artsy.

Of course that never happened, until like half a year later now when I’m about to move into my own unit. And I thought, why not turn the branches into some kind of a wall art, since the theme of my home is British colonial.

Thus I started the wall art project off by creating a frame of branches, where it took me about two days to assemble. The photo below depicts how the frame looks like.

wall art

I installed a wall lamp at the corner of the frame. Reason being that I had earlier bought two of those lamps from Ikea without knowing what to do with them. And guest what – they cost only about RM11 each, super cheap!

wall art

The incomplete wall art below. At this point I was hesitating whether to paint the frame white. I wanted it to look classy and vintage.

wall art

I know the white warm light is a little off and feels “unromantic”. Opting for warm white light would have been more appropriate.

My biggest mistake, however, was my decision to paint the branches white, thinking it could pull the classy look.

wall art

The reason why white doesn’t go quite well on the wall is because it doesn’t stand out against my already creamy-white wall! If I had chosen not to paint it, it would have easily stood out.

wall art

To fix the problem, my colleague suggested putting something darker at the back of the frame to enhance contrast against the white-painted frame.

And here is the outcome:

wall art

Well, much better, but not as good as before the frame was painted white. Nevertheless I feel it’s still an okay wall art for a first-timer like me.

Change the bulb to a warm white one and it shall give a more desirable atmosphere.