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Stop Kissing Michael Jackson’s Ass

I woke up to a flash flood of Michael Jackson-related news on Facebook this morning. Like out of a sudden people have decided to miss MJ on his memorial day and want tweet or comment about him.


People nowadays are being super ridiculously extra and they seem to enjoy jumping on the bandwagon of just about everything! Now look at the sales of MJ’s album following his death:


Before Michael’s death people were calling him all sorts of nasty names: Wacko Jacko, creep, pedophile, child molester, etc etc. And then suddenly people now have a change of mind and want to call him the “irreplaceable King of Pop” instead.

Eh, how come? How come everyone has become as hypocritical as Toyo liao?

Most of my friends expressed on Facebook how they were sad over MJ’s dealth. Fine, even though I think they’re all kind of drama kings and queens.


Hello, are you kidding me?

You were not even a fan before his death, and now you’re “totally devastated” by his death?

Hen hao xiao!

Do you feel devastated just because millions of others are either mourning over or pretending to mourn over MJ’s death, and therefore you feel it is a shame to fall into the “silent minority”?

That’s the problem with the majority of us, especially Malaysians and Singaporeans, who are plagued by a sense of kiasuness. What is so shameful about having opinions different from others anyway, if it doesn’t hurt or kill someone?

I don’t know if I should be amused by unoriginal people like this or what leh. Seriously, just do whatever you want but most importantly be true to yourself!

Random Preaching

Here are a couple of things I just thought to share, since I’m secretly developing an interest in preaching people. They represent some of my principles in life and give you the slightest idea on how I deal with things most of the time.

  1. You can’t live up to everyone’s expectation, but you can live up to the majority’s.
  2. It is inevitable to think too much, but sometimes doing too much as a result of thinking too much brings trouble not only to yourself but to others.
  3. Love life can be sacrificed for a few years, you can’t die without a partner in a short term.
  4. Seeing others succeed in a particular way does not mean you need to succeed the same way because individuals are different and unique.
  5. If you believe in something, don’t just talk but walk the talk.
  6. You can’t just be a talker; you need to be a listener — people are not necessarily interested in your talks.
  7. You don’t need to indirectly or directly show what you have/know. People will respect you more if they find that out on their own.
  8. Shut up and don’t criticise others if you can’t accept criticisms in regards of you.

Sometimes I want to slap people of my age who have mentality like a kid. I am not your nanny and have not seen a quarter of the things your nanny has seen but I’m giving you lecture because I practice and am good at what I just preached!