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I am a passionate wanderer from Sarawak on the island of Borneo. This site is a footprint of my travel adventures in Southeast Asia.

Amazing Cambodia: The Dirt Cheap Beer

This is a follow-up entry of Part 1 of my “Amazing Cambodia” series.

Rainbow and I were a bit crazy lah because normally people fly to Siem Reap as their first destination before taking off to and departing from Phnom Penh. Or the other way round.

But in our case, we went to Phnom Penh first, then to Siem Reap, and then back to Phnom Penh again. And these two places are seven hours apart okay!

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Amazing Cambodia: Crispy Fried Insects as Snacks

I was supposed to write this entry three months back but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to so until now, and there is a total of 160 photos to upload. So heavy!

Several months back, AirAsia was having a Free Seats promotion and I managed to grab my hometown friend Rainbow and I each a return ticket for an all-in-fare of just RM25. This explains how our Cambodia trip came about.

On an unrelated note, I have recently just bought Cat and I a round-trip ticket to Bangkok for next year and it cost like RM120 per pax. A bit more expensive but oh well I guess it is still a good deal.

Anyway let’s focus on Rainbow’s and my Cambodia trip.

This was how Cambodia looked like from a microscopic view inside our plane:

I thought it was beautiful and looked so different from what we have in Malaysia. The moment I set foot in Cambodia, I immediately liked it already.

Maybe I’m siao lah, many people I know who have been to Cambodia never expressed any strong liking towards this relatively less developed country, but I just wish to be able to stay there for, say, two years?

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