The Crude Life

You know, a series of events indirectly related to me recently have me sink into a state of melancholy to realise how crude and fragile life can be.


The last time I had this kind of realisation was the day before a job interview some five years ago when I was suddenly hit by gout on one of my legs. That night, I lay on my bed thinking to myself, “So what if I have all the credentials in the world to be able to secure a job? Now I can’t even walk out of this damn room with this goddamn gout on my leg!”

And now with what I see happening lately it has made me realise how blessed it is to be able to do the things we love without much restriction or hardship thrown on us.

In fact, to be able to wake up to a brand new day; to be able to go to work without having to worry about sustenance; to be able to travel freely because out parents are healthy enough to look after themselves – if these are not a blessing, what are they?

And yet there are some people with all that money in that world, but who are down with illness and bedbound. Worst still, bedbound and financially poor.

Suddenly I have so much in life to be grateful for. And I think it’s a good thing to be reminded, from time to time, about how blessed I am, for we belong to a species that tends to take things for granted. I’m grateful for the good health and crazy energy bestowed upon me. I’m grateful for the pair of super legs that have brought me to so many places to see so many things.

I’m grateful for my ever supportive parents who are always rooting for me, though sometimes discreetly, and giving me the blessing I need to embark on major projects in my life. I’m also thankful they don’t rush me into marriage like the world will die if I don’t get married fast. They understand I have things to do and can’t settle down at the moment and that we don’t marry for its sake.

I’m grateful for the great colleagues and all the positive friends I’ve got. I’m also grateful for having a job I truly love. Though I don’t know for sure how long all these are going to sustain – speaking of impermanence of life, I’m surely thankful for all that I have now.