Happy Mother’s Day, I Love You Mom

Thai Mother's Day - mrdefinite

You see the beautiful woman who looks like my elder sister in the photo?

She’s my mom.

I seldom tell people about my mom. I also don’t get to see her very often – the most I see her is thrice a year, but this doesn’t mean she isn’t in my heart.

This year marks my first time ever to celebrate Thailand’s very own Mother’s Day – it falls on every August 12. In fact we had an early Mother’s Day celebration at my school yesterday since today is a holiday, and I was so moved to see children kneel at their mother’s feet to show their love and gratitude.

Thai Mother's Day - mrdefinite

So let me take this opportunity to dedicate this post to my mom, whom I don’t get to spend a lot of time with.

Sometimes when I have some free time and nothing better to do, I would lie on the wooden platform right under a tree outside my current home in Thailand, reflecting upon the journey I have chosen and travelled thus far. Many a times I would realise how blessed I am to be able to do what I love and love what I’m doing.

For that, as cheesy as it may sound, I must say I owe my mom a bazillion thanks. I remember buying my first home. It was one of the major stages in life where I felt I was done with renting a room and ready to have my own home. I called to tell my parents about it and even sent them a few pictures via WeChat, of the apartment unit I was planning on buying.

My family lives in Borneo and I was, at that time, in Peninsular. Thus discussing big decisions like that wasn’t quite an easy task. My dad is a wise and careful man, so for him to ask me to take some time and think through my decision was nothing short of a usual response. But there was my mom, who was nothing but supportive of my decision, and that made a whole lot difference as it gave me a sense of assurance and confidence.

From buying my first home, to self-publishing a book, to laying an ambitious travel plan, to quitting my job for a long travel, and to getting a teaching job in Thailand three months into my odyssey, if not because I have a supportive mom all along, I don’t think I would have been able to achieve all these easily and with a happy heart.

Living in an Asian community, many things I have done all this while haven’t been the most conventional. It takes a very understanding and open-minded mom to support whatever thing that her child is pursuing. That is, as long as it is morally and legally right.

While many of my relatives would expect kids like us to be back by our parents’ side after graduation, my mom certainly doesn’t see it that way.

“One day your daddy and I will have to go,” she said to me over the phone just two days ago. “Why restrict your freedom to pursue your dreams and what you feel is right?

You’re already a grown-up, I’m not going to have to keep controlling your life, am I?”

And I know that when she said that, she meant it.

That’s my mother. The most beautiful woman in my eyes.

Mother’s Day is a day of utmost importance in Thai’s tradition and associated with blue colour. A week prior to Mother’s Day, blue flags were put up everywhere in my area alongside the Thai flags to remind people of this beautiful occasion. It is certainly a wholesome thing the government has done, so kudos for that.

The theme this year is “Bike for Mom”; thus blue-colored shirts bearing the theme name are being sold everywhere in conjunction with this important day. Many of my students brought along their bicycle to the school to cycle for their mother.

Thai Mother's Day - mrdefinite

Happy Mother’s Day.

May you be blessed with an abundance of health and spiritual happiness. I love you mom.