Hatyai Airport Sees Decline in Tourists; May Soon Be Closed Down

The Airports of Thailand (AOT) is considering to close down two of the six airports it owns, namely Hatyai International Airport in Songkhla and Mae Fah Luang – Chiang Rai International Airport, according to The Nation. This may take place in the next five to six years.

The two airports have seen a decline in tourists in recent years. In the case of Hatyai International Airport, there has been a drop in tourist arrivals especially from neighbouring countries like Malaysia.

According to the report, visitors have gradually shifted their point of entry from Hatyai to Phuket over the years, in order to take advantage of the abundance of connecting flights and places of interest in the island.

The AOT has plans to build a second airport in Phuket to accommodate the volume of tourists.

If the AOT closes down Hatyai International Airport, travelling from Phuket to Hatyai would take 6 hours or so by bus. Otherwise, those who travel from Malaysia may either drive through the Malaysia-Thaland border or take a train to Hatyai.

Feature image: credit to matadornetwork.com.