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Hey, September 2021 (20 Months of Living in COVID-19 Fear)

Hey September 2021.

Just like that, some 20 months where we are living in COVID-19 fear have come and gone, with no end in sight. These have got to be the strangest slash most absurd times ever in my entire life.

Well, this is yet another of my boring, personal, and non-travel-related post, written at a time when I’m feeling a little thoughtful after two whole weeks of writing and chasing deadlines, meetings, student appointments, as well as marking! Damn, I have missed travelling a whole lot!

Just when I thought COVID-19 restrictions and working from home would do my work-life balance some justice, unfortunately it hasn’t quite turned out as expected.

I haven’t really slowed down ever since coming back from Thailand, even resigning from INTI International College Penang as a head to serve UTAR for a second time. Sometimes I really want to take advantage of this pandemic period to slow down a little, but knowing me, you know that would remain my wishful thinking.

Maybe I’m an workaholic. Or maybe it’s in my blood, but stuff keeps coming and I’m constantly torn between the “okay let’s not take up more things” and “if it’s not now, when else” moments. Hahah! But nevertheless, I’m very thankful for being able to do things I’m truly passionate about and for having great teams to work with and a good support system.

COVID-19 and its restrictions, as well as working from home aren’t all that bad, actually. I think I have mentioned this in my previous entry, that I’m appreciative of and have benefited from such a situation. As much as I have missed the pre-COVID-19 daily routines and fun, it is also times like these that force us to be more productive as we can concentrate better.

The COVID-19 period has also given me more time to reflect upon my personal life and growth. Since last year, I have been thrown in a state of insecurity. Some three months ago, I made a rather important decision in my life but I won’t reveal it here just yet.

Let’s see how that decision unfolds and perhaps one day I can update everyone here. Cheers.