My Entries for Malaysia’s UOB Painting Competition 2012

I was utmostly busy like a mad cow before I went for my Malacca trip two weeks ago just to make sure my entries for the UOB Painting of the Year Competition 2012 would make it to the UOB headquarter a day before the deadline.

Spent a good amount of time money and time getting three of my favourite paintings framed. The cost of delivering my paintings to UOB using Poslaju came up to some RM48.

Nevertheless I feel the whole experience was worth the money and time even if I didn’t win anything considering it was the first time I took part in a painting competition.

You may have seen two of the three paintings in my previous entries (see this and this), but you definitely have not seen them in their frames yet!

Ready? Here you go:

UOB Painting of the Year 2012 Competition Paintings by Kenneth Lee_2

I’m gonna introduce each of these in detail, including the subject matter, meaning, and inspiration behind each of the paintings.

1. Tibet

Tibet Painting by Kenneth Lee

This entry – standing 17” tall and 15” wide (inclusive of frame) – is a mixed-media painting on canvas.

As an individual who has a great passion for travelling and Buddhism, this artwork is my interpretation of Tibet – a Holy Land of Buddhism I have always yearned to visit.

In Buddhist traditions, the colours red and orange symbolise wisdom and dignity. Yellow, on the other hand, signifies the complete absence of form and emptiness, known as the “Middle Path”.

The artwork, which comes with a very harmonious appeal and is accompanied by a black bold frame, is simply a tasteful representation of tradition-meets-modernity.

2. Harvest of Hope

Harvest of Hope Painting by Kenneth Lee

I freaking love this painting especially after having it framed. It just looks, um, “loud” and oriental?

This painting is one of my most experimental pieces yet. Why, it was done on a piece of chopping board!

Standing 15.4” tall and 11.5” wide (inclusive of frame), this mixed-media painting tries to depict that the time for rice harvest is near.

The inspiration of this art piece came about during a fine trip to Hatyai. While passing through Kedah, from inside the train I got to see countless of beautiful paddy plots arranged in a phenomenally systematic manner.

With the rice harvest season drawing near, the farmers must have every reason to be happy about – I imagined they would cook great food, invite friends and relatives over, and celebrate the night away.

The painting has a very oriental appeal and signifies hope.

3. Harmonious Interaction

This 26.5” by 20.5” (inclusive of frame) mixed-media entry suggests the harmonious interaction between human beings and the natural environment.

The painting depicts members of a family coming together and chit-chatting away at the backyard of a Malaysian kampung.

The split complementary color scheme used in this painting is aimed at establishing a set of harmonious colours that can potentially bring a peaceful state of mind to the owner of this painting.

A classic wooden frame was added to “Harmonious Interaction” in order to fit the humble setting of my Balinese-inspired, cozy little home.

Those are my three entries for the UOB Painting of the Year Competition 2012 together with their respective stories. I’ll end this entry by buey-paisehly posting another “group shot” of the three pieces:

UOB Painting of the Year 2012 Competition Paintings by Kenneth Lee_1