Painting is Lifestyle: Pictures of My Abstract Paintings

You probably feel like bashing me up for the conceitedness in the title. But then life is short, right? When else to not be so serious if not now.

Well… If you don’t know this already, I have started painting for about a month.

Some of you may have seen pictures of my abstract paintings on Facebook, but I have bueh-paisehly decided that they deserve a proper entry on this blog.

On top of that, I guess this entry also serves as an effort to make up for my lack of update on this personal space after coming back from China. Teehee!

If you’re curious as to why I’ve picked up painting, let’s be honest I have no idea.

But here’s a little background of how I got my right brain discovered.

The chain of creativity has been triggered by a great friend of mine, Mei, who is a good friend, a lecturer, and a fine artist. Specialising in making abstract paintings, she has sold dozens of them after returning from the United Kingdom. She has also participated in several art exhibitions over the past few years.

As a left-brainer, my knowing Mei is a total bliss as she has helped create another part of me that makes me a more complete individual – the creative me, that is.

As a matter of fact, I do not have any background in art whatsoever. I was in the science stream from Form 4 all the way through Form 6, and even though I am blessed with some non-art-related technical skills, I do not remember enjoying or doing that well in art classes in Forms 1 and 2.

My subsequent point of change was when I joined the Academy of Architecture and Visual Arts of a university college some three years ago as a lecturer teaching research and study skills. To date, I am still serving this very institute and have colleagues who are actively involved in all sorts of creative practices from graphic design to fine art to product design to fashion design.

Over the years, my constant exposure to some of these creative practices at the academy has only nurtured my creative drive. I am the type who picks up things real fast if I am truly keen on pursuing it. Thus when I decided to try my hand at painting, it did not take me too long to find myself passionately indulging in it.

So how did I pick up painting?

My decision to try out painting was largely attributable to a visit to the National Art Gallery with my colleagues and students, where I was left mesmerised by a slew of spectacular paintings on display.

The visit had ignited within me a strong desire to create art pieces of my own; I felt there was no reason why I could not do it if I were willing to give it a try. Although sometimes the rational part of me said it was not my thing, another part of me asked me to just go ahead.

When I returned to the office the next day after the study trip, I had surprised everyone else by asking for a colleague’s favour to list out the basic colours I needed to buy for painting.

Later, I got myself all necessary acrylic paints and other required tools. The materials sure cost me quite a bit of money, but considering it would contribute to my soul-searching experience, I felt it was all worth the money spent.

Well, the next thing that came along – I began to paint relentlessly!

I would paint right after coming back from work, with the crazy energy prevailing until past midnight at times; I would wake up at the crack of dawn to apply a few strokes on my painting before getting ready for work, and I would paint over the weekends for the entire day. It just got super crazy and addictive!

Things just happened without much hesitation – they came so fast and so naturally! #miracleatwork

I am a very lucky person to be blessed with such a gift that I wasn’t even aware of. On top of that however, my achievement pretty much stems from the fact that I am thronged with so much passion in life and always willing to try.

Well if you think that it just fells from the sky,


Excuse me, but lao zi has sacrificed a lot can?

I am doing paintings on top of my 8 to 5 job, which I can proudly say I put in 100% of my dedication. That is also on top of my postgraduate research, and on top of having to maintain my blog!

I wish I could stop to focus on less things, but my passion has always outgrown anything else.

Of a total of five of my “proper” paintings (by “proper” paintings I mean the ones I have drawn on canvas), I have spent an incredible amount of time on three of them. I would work late into the night to paint them.

In a very desperate attempt last night, lao zi even sacrificed the tiled floor of my apartment unit to be used as a colour palate!

Okay, I want to abruptly end the story and show you three of my earliest paintings:

1. My first ever painting that has a very strong “pop” presence.

My Abstract Paintings

“Pop is Pop”
11.69 x 8.27 inches
Mixed media on canvas

2. This is one of my favourites. I have already sent it for framing and wanted to give it to Mei as a present. It has fantabulous textures on it.

My Abstract Paintings

“The Goddess”
11.69 x 8.27 inches
Mixed media on canvas

2. My interpretation of Tibet as someone who has yet to visit the holy land. I just LOVE this painting!

11.69 x 8.27 inches
Mixed media on canvas

That’s it for now! I’ll share more of my abstract paintings in the next posts.

How do you find my paintings? Comments are much appreciated!