Presenting More of My Artworks: Mixed Media on Wood

As mentioned in this post, I have started doing paintings for a month now and I found it a super addictive thing to do!

One moment I told myself I needed to stop painting for a while to focus on other things. The next moment my muse came knocking on my door and had me pick up the brush again.

The paintings I’m going to present in this entry are rather experimental and different compared to the previous three I’ve done.

Why? Because they’re all done on a chopping board.

I’m not sure if it also applies to other types of wood – I’m thinking it does, but chopping boards are generally more difficult to paint than if you use canvas as the former absorbs and “eats up” the paint.

Therefore before doing something else on the board, I had to apply a base coat using mural paint.

Anyway here are the paintings:


17.5cm x 15.5cm
Mixed media on wood

Of the chopping board series, I’ve grown to like this one the most because of its vintage effects. I have hung this in the kitchen area.


“Who Moved the Cheese”
19cm x 11.5cm
Mixed media on wood

This artwork is created to simulate a piece of cheese; it comes with textural surfaces.


30.5cm x 21.5cm
Mixed media on wood

This one is a definitely grower for me. I didn’t like it so much at first, but eventually realised it actually rather stood out.

I wish the third artwork was done on a canvas panel instead of a freaking chopping board. But then again so long as the passion is there, muse will always follow – there is always the next time.

Okay, I will have to stop here! More to come, people.