Scenic Moments of My 200 Days in Thailand

I’m no photographer. But all this while that I’ve been in Thailand, apart from working and travelling, you may wonder what else I do.

Well, I take pictures. Lots of them.

I however don’t give a damn about photography. It would be best if my photos happen to possess some “photography” qualities, but I generally don’t care whether or not my pictures have any artistic flair, or are in a top-notch quality. I just try my best to capture things as closely as possible to what I’m seeing and experiencing at any given special moment.

My job is simply not a photographer.

The reason why I take tones of pictures is because I like to tell stories through pictures, and I like to also complement my pictures with stories.

So last night, I actually browsed through a hefty amount of photos from my journey in Thailand thus far and ended up selecting a total of 12 effortlessly-taken photos which I felt could best sum up my journey and reflect the beauty of the key places I’ve been to. They are also some of my favourite photos to date. My camera usually fails to capture the actual beauty of places, but I think these photos tell otherwise.

This time, I’ve chosen not to upload them to Facebook like I normally would. Instead, I want to present them in the form of a photo gallery on this blog that you’re now reading, and I’m doing this for the first time.

Here you go:

“Come Meet the Mountains”

I’ve decided to call this collection “Come Meet the Mountains“, a title inspired by the name of the humble little town I’m current staying in, called Pathiu. In Thai, “Pa” means to meet, and “Thiu” means mountains. My area is surrounded by ranges of beautiful mountains.

Coincidentally, almost all 12 photos in the gallery above were taken near or on the mountain.