Some Views on 13th Malaysian General Election (GE13)

It isn’t my style to discuss anything political or even express my support for any political party on my Facebook page (instead, I’m more interested in the social aspect), but since the general election is near and I observe it to be even more critical compared to the March 8, 2008 one, here are some of my views which I posted on Facebook:

1. Wearing shirts imprinted with political slogans/mascots during Election Day is unnecessary.

The EC has approved of it, but some call it a trap. Who to believe? Maybe the safest way is to forget about those shirts and wear it “clean”.

There is also no need to create unnecessary commotion during the Election Day with the shirt you’re wearing. Know who you are voting for, do your job, and leave.

2. Certain political trend on social media may not be reflective or conclusive!

A certain political trend maybe obvious on social media, but Malaysian Internet penetration was only about 61.7% of total population in 2012 as per ITU.

Just when you think everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon of a certain trend, don’t be surprised there are many others who are left behind due to digital divide.

If you’re keen to lead a certain trend, don’t just sit in front of your laptop all the times – talk to your uncles/aunties/grandparents/whosoever who possibly only turn to the mainstream media.

 #3. Political advertisement gimmicks work well for some.

Some of the political ads I came across were misleading. While we know that no ads can save a bad product and that puffery and gimmicks in the ads may not work for relatively more educated individual like us, there are many others who may believe 100% what they see.

propaganda-poster  general election

Instead of exposing the gimmicks on various social media platforms where many have become aware, I suggest you take it offline and rationally explain it to those who are likely to be misled.