Three ways to encourage youths to go beyond mother-tongue comfort zones

Three Ways to Encourage Youths to Go Beyond Mother-Tongue Comfort Zones

Recently, there have been calls over social media in Malaysia to refrain from speaking in one’s mother tongue in a mixed public or professional setting.

These calls have come at a time when divisive issues continue to plague multiracial Malaysia.

As a lecturer who has been serving in the education sector for the past 10 years, I have noticed this phenomenon isn’t something new; it has always been there, whether in a professional setting or in the classroom.

I have taught students of different ethnic backgrounds and witnessed how there will always be certain groups or individuals who find it a challenge to speak in a common language (other than their first language). It bothers me every time I come across those who are present but who do not understand the language being used and see the look on their faces change from puzzled to annoyed.

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